We’re always here to shed light on your conferencing questions!

Our conferencing services are designed to be simple and intuitive. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and best practices in case you ever need a little extra help. Plus we are always here to shed light on questions you have.

How do I sign up for your services?

Simply call us at 877-234-3433.

How many people can participate in a Lighthouse Reservationless Audio and Reservationless Web Conference?

One hundred twenty-five people can participate on the phone and thousands can listen over the web.

How do I learn about pricing?

If you would like more information about pricing, please email sales@lighthouseconferencing.com or call us at 877-234-3433.

How can I reach technical support?

Our technical support has all the expert help you need, whenever you need it. Technical support is available 24×7 at 800-344-9626.

  • Before a meeting – Even though you don’t need reservations or an operator to use our service, training and assistance on features is always available. You can focus on your conference, not the technology behind it.
  • During a meeting – Just dial ‘*0’ within a conference and our outstanding customer support team is available 24×7 to assist you.
  • After a meeting – We’re here to answer questions about your account and help you prepare to make your future conferences the best ever.

How can I reach sales and customer support?

Please call 877-234-3433 or email clientservices@lighthouseconferencing.com or sales@lighthouseconferencing.com.

Do you have any set-up charges for Lighthouse Reservationless conferences?

Since no reservations are required for our services there are no cancellation fees. You pay-per-use for our service.

Do I need a new Conference Passcode every time I start a Lighthouse Reservationless conference?

No. Once you have signed up and received your Conference passcodes, they will remain the same every time you start a conference.

Is it possible to get detailed reporting on each conference call after it has concluded?

Yes. When you signup with Lighthouse Conferencing you are automatically registered to have a phone conference usage report emailed to you at the conclusion of each call. There is no charge for this service and the report includes caller IDs (when available), total lines, minutes, participants and the time and date of your phone conference.

What is audio conferencing?

Also known as phone conferencing or teleconferencing, audio conferencing allows multiple people, from any geographic location, to speak with each other on one telephone call.

Who provides my audio conference services?

Your audio conference services are provided by Lighthouse Conferencing, a well established and reliable global audio, web and video conferencing provider.

How do I set up an audio conference?

To conduct an audio conference all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial in, using the telephone number and passcode code that you have been provided. You can dial in from any telephone, mobile or audio conferencing device at any time, anywhere in the world. Lighthouse’s conferencing services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do I need to pre-book or reserve my audio conference?

No, with Lighthouse Reservationless Confernecing, you never need to pre-book your conference calls. Once your account has been created, simply invite your participants to the meeting and provide your access number, participant passcode, and the date and time of your call.

How do I dial into an audio conference?

Simply call your toll-free or toll access number and enter your moderator or participant passcode.

What’s the difference between a moderator and a regular attendee?

The main difference between being a moderator (logging in with a moderator passcode) and being a regular attendee (participant passcode) is the different functions you can access within the conference.

How can I ensure confidentiality in my audio conference and stop more people from joining?

The moderator can ‘Lock’ an audio conference. This means that other individuals will not be able to join. Full details on how to lock a conference can be found in the Lighthouse Reservationless Conferencing User Guide.

Can I mute everyone else except myself?

Yes, but only if you are the moderator. Full details on how to mute all participant lines can be found in the Lighthouse Reservationless Conferencing User Guide.

Why should I use Lighthouse’s mute feature vs. my telephone mute feature?

By using Lighthouse’s mute feature you will be sure to block out any background noise, static or possible “hold music” that comes from your line. Your phone mute feature may or may not block static or hold music.

If I have a problem with my audio service, how do I get help?

If you are in your conference, press (*0) to speak to a customer service operator. If you are not in your conference, contact Lighthouse’s Customer Service team at 1-877-234-3433

With what areas can customer service help me?

They can:

  • Help with any problems you may experience dialing into a conference
  • Dial other people into a conference for you
  • Tell you the status of your conference (locked, unlocked, muted, un-muted, etc.)
  • Help with potential sound quality problems
  • Help with recording the call

Can I share my conference details for my colleague’s own use?

We discourage the practice of sharing accounts for a few reasons. Charges may be incorrectly allocated to you when you did not use the service. Also, multiple hosts may schedule separate calls at the same time using the same account details which will cause confusion and wasted time. If other colleagues need conferencing services, we would recommend that they obtain their own account. There is no extra charge for setting up additional users.

Can I use Lighthouse Reservationless Conferencing while abroad?

Yes. However, please confirm with our customer service team that your account has global capabilities. Accounts with global capabilities can call into local toll and toll free number while abroad.

Can I use Lighthouse Reservationless Conferencing from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can just dial in normally as you would from your desk phone.

What happens if a participant has forgotten his/her passcode or doesn’t have a touch-tone telephone?

If a participant has forgotten the passcode code or fails to enter one when prompted, he/she will automatically be connected to a customer service operator who will place the participant into the correct conference upon verification.

I’m not sure how to use the Lighthouse Conferencing services. Where can I get more training?

Your Lighthouse Conferencing Meeting Consultant or the Lighthouse Conferencing Customer Service team will be happy to provide you with additional training. Contact us at 1-877-234-3433. Further details are available in the welcome pack you receive or on your personalized wallet card.

Can I record my conference call?

Yes, although there is a small charge for this (equivalent to another person joining the conference) as well as a small set up fee. Only a moderator (dialed in with a moderator passcode) can record a call. You can also dial *0 during your call for customer service assistance. Full details on how to record and playback a previously recorded conference can be found in the Lighthouse Conferencing User Guide.

Are there any legal implications to recording a telephone conference?

Yes. FCC law requires that the recording party inform all participants that they are being recorded upon entering the conference.

We are determined to exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact us now at 877-234-3433 or contact us to learn more about all of our Lighthouse Conferencing products and services.