It’s a busy world, and the people you need to talk to are flung over every corner of it.

Adobe Authorized Partner

Audio Solutions for Webinars

No matter how many times a day you need to connect — with one person or 700, down the street or across the globe — Lighthouse Conferencing has you covered with Adobe Connect.

For web conferencing, there’s nothing better than Adobe Connect. This powerful product offers you a turnkey solution, complete with support and training — and can be easily integrated with our other solutions.

Everyday meetings… E-learning and onboarding… Webinars and virtual events… Adobe Connect can handle whatever you throw at it.

Adobe Connect Unicorn Kitty

And just so we’re clear, let’s get this on the record. We love Adobe Connect. Love it like we love summer days, or chocolate ice cream, or riding unicorns under rainbows. We could choose to recommend any solution in the world — and trust us, we’ve done our research — and that solution is Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect - from Lighthouse Conferencing
Adobe Connect Interface
Adobe Connect - from Lighthouse Conferencing

Adobe Connect: Our Preferred Choice

Not to trot out that ridiculous “eat our own dog food” cliché (wait… did we just do exactly that?) but Adobe Connect is what we use for our own webinars… And you’d have to pry it out of our cold, dead hands to get us to change. That’s why we’re an Adobe Connect Strategic Partner, and why we feel we’re in the perfect place to help you with your conferencing requirements.

But hey… That’s us. If you don’t need it, we won’t force it down your throat… Because that’s not how we roll. Please don’t get the impression we recommend it for everything.

If you could make use of it, though — stick with us. We’ve seen Adobe Connect used for everything under the sun, and we can definitely help you make the most of it.

Already have Adobe Connect but need integrated audio conferencing? We’ve got that.

Adobe Connect Free Trial

Adobe Connect LogoWant to try Adobe Connect? Fill out the form below. Within 24 hours you’ll be given a free trial account and will receive access details by email. (Usually much sooner, but our lawyers made us put in the 24 hours part in case of unexpected earthquake or alien invasion.)

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