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The Grown Up Way to Communicate

There comes a time when a company has to grow up.  What got you here won’t get you there.  Your company needs to put its best foot forward in all aspects of business.  The leaders of your company need to look sharp.  The sales team needs to have an ear to ear grin.  The marketing team is spending hours making sure each detail of your company is perfect.  It just happens one day. You look around and realize you’re in the big leagues now.  When this happens, do you really want to rely on the same solution to get your message out that you used 4 years ago because “it’s what we already have?”

Leave Nothing to Chance

Customization is the secret ingredient. Your company has to work with professionals. Your team needs to know they can focus on their big idea and everything else is going to be easy. You need to work with a partner who knows the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish and can say “we got this”. You and your team don’t have time to sweat the details of the technology you just want to be confident that your collaboration partner won’t leave anything to chance. When your company gets to this point, there is a question that you need to ask yourself…

Have You Outgrown Your Existing Solution?

Go Beyond a Lunchtime “Webinar”

The days of the lunchtime webinar are gone.  Your audience demands more and so do you!  You want them focused on and engaged with your biggest ideas.  Our webcasting solutions do just that!  If you spent two years crafting your image, and just 5 minutes setting up your collaboration solution, good luck keeping your audience’s attention.

Lighthouse offers the most robust webcast solution available today.  Our focus is taking your biggest ideas and making our team a part of yours, so there is nothing left to chance when reaching your target audience.  Our White Glove Team focuses on every detail to make sure you can focus on your message.  With webcasting from Lighthouse you can:

Be Bold

You can provide your audience with something they don’t get on their day to day “webinars”.  Webcasting is an immersive experience that will change the way your audience looks at your Big Ideas.

Reach the RIGHT Audience

Whether you need to reach 30 or 30,000 people, Webcasting works for you! The rich media experience will have every one of your participants focused on your message, not their inbox or afternoon snack.

Feel Secure

Our platform runs on the most sophisticated and robust systems in world, ensuring there are no hiccups or “frozen heads” during the meeting.

Make Your Mark

The Lighthouse White Glove Support Team is here to make sure nothing goes wrong and your message is delivered the way you dreamt it, with maximum impact. Every little detail is reviewed by our team so you don’t need to worry about it!

How to Properly Promote a Webast

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Take Your Ideas to a Whole New Level

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