An immersive way for your audience to interact with your brand.

Virtual Environment Conferencing

Make Your Mark!

You’ve looked at other solutions and nothing seems to be the right fit.  You need to be bold and share your excitement with the world.  You need something that gets people talking and engaged with your message.

Some people call it virtual events, virtual job fairs, or virtual trade shows….we call it Virtual Environment Conferencing!

Virtual Job Fairs and Trade Shows

Imagine taking a job fair and bringing it to life with a virtual environment that is available 24/7/365.  Or maybe your annual in-person trade show just isn’t reaching the global audience your growing business demands and a virtual tradeshow is the way to go. You need to do something big to make your mark – Virtual Environment Conferencing can take you there.

Our Team Creates Perfect Environments

Our team is focused on ensuring your event runs flawlessly.  There can be no room for mistakes.  A “just good enough” solution could cost you your job.  Lighthouse understands that.  Lighthouse embraces that.  We love to be a part of your Big Idea and relish the chance to help you change the world!


Host Live Events

Stream live-in person webcast events to attendees around the world.

Engage Your Audience

Engage with visitors in real-time via video, audio or chat to break down the virtual walls.

Customize Your Environment

Your logo, branding, colors and fonts are proudly displayed in the Main Conference Hall, Auditorium and signage throughout your environment.

24/7 Access

With around-the-clock access your global audience can visit and interact with colleagues and clients anytime they’d like.

Be Bold

When you need to share your big ideas with the world and make big things happen!

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