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Lighthouse Large Conference

When Size Matters

We’re going to say it like it is: Not fitting in sucks.

Sometimes you find yourself between two cultures, two groups or friends, or two sizes of pants! One pair is too small and the next size up is too big. Can’t anyone make anything that fits just right?

Sometimes you need large capacity calling, without the extra cost and hassel of a professional operator, and oh yeah, what if the cost was fixed so you could host these calls regularly without the fear of breaking your budget? Sounds crazy right?

Well, while you can’t wear Lighthouse Large Conference we think the fit is just right. No other partner in the industry offers a solution quite like Lighthouse Large Conference.

What is Lighthouse Large Conference?

Lighthouse Large Conference is a hybrid solution that combines our global reservationleess platform with our industry leading, high touch operator assisted platform designed specifically for high capacity audience engagement.

Lighthouse Large Conference is a proprietary platform that allows you to:

  • Determine a fixed budget and fixed cost without the fear of overages or port limitations
  • Leverage your own team and resources to facilitate an Operator Assisted call experience without the Operator
  • Host international conference calls with thousands of attendees
  • Have a high-touch experience utilizing the Lighthouse White Glove Event Team
  • Customize your meeting experience with full features control
  • Have full control of your meeting with an intuitive web interface
  • Invite attendees to your meeting from the web interface
  • Enjoy free recordings and call detail reports

Perfect for organizations that host from 200 to 20,000 person calls on a regular basis.

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Take an easier approach to large conferences.

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