Make the entire world your backyard.

Reservationless Conferencing

What was once unimaginable has now become a reality. Any day of the week you can pick up a phone or fire up a screen and talk to someone on the other side of the planet like it’s no big deal.

So why are so many conference calls so bad?

Sure, conferencing is easy to do… And yeah, the other guys can do an OK job of it.

But at Lighthouse, we think OK is for chumps. It may be “just” conferencing, but to us, getting it perfect means everything.

And we think that’ll mean a lot to you, too. With your own dedicated conference line, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 300 callers with no notice at all. Affordable and effective, your dedicated dial-in number and passcode will give you easy, unlimited meetings with team members, clients or prospects at the drop of a hat.


With our reservationless service, what you won’t get is as important as what you will.

Unlike other partners you might come across, we’ll never:

  • Charge set up fees. (Go on… set up as many users you’d like, all at no cost.)
  • Charge minimum conferencing fees.
  • Lock you up in a long-term contract. (Contracts are for baseball players.)
  • Sell you more than you need.
  • Pad your bill with hidden or unexplainable fees.


  • The best service in the industry.
  • Carrier class, global infrastructure that makes your voice sing like Pavarotti.
  • Timely and accurate billing. (Yes, you’d be surprised at how important that is, and how sad it is for the industry that others can’t deliver it.)
  • Customized billing solutions to help you spend less time analyzing the numbers and more time working on what’s important to you.
  • Honest and timely responses. (Your emails, calls, texts, or carrier pigeons will never drift off into the ether. We’ll get back to you. Fast. Although the pigeons may stop for food.)

Still have reservations about reservationless?

Contact us to put your mind at ease.