Give Your Big Ideas the White Glove Treatment

Operator Assisted Conferencing

When it absolutely has to be perfect.

We get it. People that talk on operator assisted conference calls are important people that need to communicate big, important, transformative ideas to other important people. This isn’t business as usual or just another conference call.

The pressure is on

You need answers and need to talk to your Operator Assisted Conferencing partner when you need it. Not when they feel like it. You need a partner who understands just how much the success of this call means to your organization.

The secret behind our Operator Assisted Platform? It’s people who understand people.

White Glove Treatment

Our Lighthouse White Glove Event Team manages our premium audio solution designed specifically for high-touch events. This means when there’s a better way of doing something, they’ll speak up and recommend it. This means, that our team is personally invested in your most valuable assets – your words, ideas, and people.

At Lighthouse, the answer is incredibly simple. Our greatest success are not our own but rather those we create together. When it matters most our White Glove Event Team is ready to deliver the high-touch conferencing event you need.

Live Theater

Our experienced and tenured team is dedicated to providing a polished and professional delivery, much like live theater, when it matters most.


Whether you have 50 stakeholders you need to impress, or 5,000 employees you’re presenting to for a Town Hall event, our Lighthouse Operator Assisted solution is scalable to meet your needs.

White Glove Event Team

When the pressure is on for an event that “can’t miss”, the Lighthouse White Glove Event Team has the professionalism and experience to make your event a major success.

We understand the importance of making a great impression so when the time comes to share your big ideas to the world the Lighthouse team is ready to be the face of your organization.

Please also visit our blog for real success stories from our clients and learn why we see Operator Assisted Conferencing as the perfect fit for your many collaboration needs!

Give Your Events the White Glove Treatment