Audio Conferencing Services

Audio Conferences That Engage

People do all sort of things on audio and web conferences. They pick their nose. Put their phone on mute and watch cat videos. Start the New York Times crossword puzzle. Get frustrated, throw out the New York Times crossword puzzle and go back to the cat videos.

Change the Pattern of Boring Conference Calls

With Lighthouse Conferencing audio and web conferences people act differently… They pay attention. To every word.

And no matter whether you need an operator-assisted webcast (complete with reservations, invitations, passcode entry, professional announcer and more) or a reservationless conference for up to 300 participants, you’ll find the benefits undeniable:

  • Bring participants together — just like peanut butter and jelly, broccoli and cheese sauce, or kiwi and something that goes really well with kiwi.
  • Broadcast to a handful or a horde.
  • Manage it all, simply and easily. (What a concept!)
  • Relax with virtually error-free performance and airtight security.

Great Features. Even Better Service.

With Lighthouse you may come for the features… But you’ll stay for the service.

We’re passionate about conferencing, and we go out of our way to give you whatever you need — whether that’s a quick answer to a simple question or the full hand-holding, ruffled-feather-smoothing, please-for-the-love-of-all-that’s-good-take-care-of-this-conference-so-I-can-focus-on-my-job experience.

Ready for a brighter conferencing experience?

That’s what we thought.

Which Audio Conferencing Service?

Reservationless Conferencing

Do you spend all day on conference calls?

Do you like to manage things yourself?

Do you need to watch your budget?

Do you need to give everyone in your organization a conferencing account?

Operator Assisted Conferencing

Is your call really an event?

Is this call more important than the average call?

Does your call involve CxO’s, board members, or other important people?

Do you have 200+ participants?

Do you want White Glove service?

Do you need a conferencing product that doesn’t exist?

Get audio conferencing that demands to be heard.

Contact us to learn how.