Are your events ready for their close-up?

Public Relations

Drive Action with Conferencing and Webinars

Ever wish you had a big ol’ “Take Control of the Conversation” button? Or that there was some kind of Engagement Fairy who could wave her wand and deliver you not only impressions, but action?

Us too. (Boy, do we ever.)

But take heart. We can give you the next-best thing — the power to delight your clients by giving them something different than the same-old same-old.

Think Beyond the Press Release

Press release? The press release is graveyard dead, friend.

Know what’s taking its place? Live, engaging webinars that connect your clients to their raving fans. Why would you blast out a message when you could create a conversation?

Actual quote from a happy Public Relations agency customer: “I didn’t even get 100% attendance at my birthday party!” Wouldn’t it be great to hear your clients say that because of something you put together?

Well, get ready, because our events, meetings and conferences will give them something to talk about. At Lighthouse Conferen­­cing, we make you look good:

  • Intimate ask-the-celebrity events
  • “Big splash” events
  • Product launches
  • Lead-gen programs
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media engagement events
  • Satellite media and radio tours

So get ready for that close-up, because you’re well on your way to building an army of raving fans. Contact us to take your PR efforts to the next level.

Events, meetings and conferences that impress.

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