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Event Marketing

Webinars. We’ve done a million of them.

Which means over the years we’ve racked up considerable experience creating successful web events. But we’re not the only ones who’ve done a million webinars… They’re today’s business card — everybody’s got one. Unfortunately everyone’s doing webinars badly.

The good news is we’ve got the expertise to keep you from hosting bad webinars. To stand out, put us to work on delivering our “white glove” Event Marketing service.

Make Your Webinar Stand Out

With Our Propritary 33-step Event Checklist

From content and audience creation, to promotion, attendance and post-mortem, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you achieve better results. And sure, lots of companies say “every step of the way,” but we mean it — our proprietary 33-step program recognizes that both your event and your company are unique… Which means your marketing should be too.

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Prime Your Presentation

Make it Work Before, During and After the Webinar

We’ll walk you through strategy, goal-setting, audience identification, content creation and more. We’ll also build a custom webinar interface and post-event archive, and deliver custom reports on the metrics that are important to you. More important, we’ll help you turn your one-time, 60-minute presentation into an unstoppable force that works for you before, during and after your event. We’ll make sure it supports and builds your brand, sells your product or service, and meets your revenue goals.

Our People Help You Leverage the Technology

Best of all, a dedicated program manager will be assigned to your project to guide you from start to finish.

The world is full of digital tools to help companies like yours broadcast their message — but they’re just tools. Without the right knowledge and guidance, they’re useless. Our full-service event marketing program can help you leverage those tools to create the perfect event.
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