Imagine your perfect event. Now imagine someone could deliver it to you.

Customized Events

At Lighthouse Conferencing, we make imagination a reality.

Our team has deep roots in public relations, marketing and event creation. So, naturally, customized events are our specialty.

Think of a shoemaker who’s spent his whole life learning to craft the best boots you’ve ever seen. We’re exactly like that, if by “shoemaker” you mean “event partner” and by “boots” you mean “customized events”.

You get the picture.

Lighthouse Event Conferencing is a scalable, unique-for-you service that lets you streamline and manage your most high-profile meetings and events. Polished. Professional. This stuff makes you look good.

Make Your Content Shine

Whaddya got? We can do that.

“Oh, but you probably couldn’t do my dealie,” you might say. And to that we say “Whaddya got?”

Earnings call? Board meeting? Training session? Sales pitch? Town hall? Public Relations? Product roll-out? Special event? Bring it… We’ve seen it all. And whether it’s 3, 300 or 3,000, we’ll get everyone together for you in one perfectly planned, managed and executed event.

Add extra features like Q&A, recording or Lighthouse Web Conferencing, to truly make your event shine.

How much do we love working with clients to create successful events, drive better results and make your job easier? Well, think of a shoemaker… and contact us if you need the perfect pair of “boots”.

Stop imagining and start putting on the events of your dreams.

Contact us to find out how.