Nice looking table. Bet it would look better with you sitting at it.

Corporate Communications

Ah, “the table.” Everybody wants to be there.

“If only we had a seat at the table!”
“I wish they hadn’t brought us to the table so late…”
“Next time, we’ll make sure we get to the table.”

Man, there’s a lot of competition to get to that table. But here’s the thing — if your idea of corporate communication is still lunch-and-learns, the only table you’re going to see is the one your audience is eating their sandwiches on.

In order for corpcomm to be truly valued, you’re going to need to start doing things differently. Abandoning the status quo. Proving that you can’t be ignored.

Enter Lighthouse Conferen­­cing. We’ve got you covered for your corporate communications that demand to be noticed:

  • Everyday meetings and briefings
  • Town Halls and annual meetings
  • Announcements and press conferences
  • Training and online learning
  • Virtual events

Stick with us, because things are going to change. Can we get you a seat?

Contact Lighthouse to earn your place at the table.

Earn your place at the table with communications that pop.

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