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Collaborate and Connect with Conferencing

Listen, it doesn’t matter whether donors or members pay your bills — when the money comes from somebody else, you have to watch how you spend it. And you have to earn it, too.

Let’s not kid around. Last time anyone checked, you had a million-and-three competitors, all fighting for the same thing. Dollars. Eyeballs. Attention. Connection.

We Understand Associations

We Can Help You Connect and Engage with Your Audience

We know the challenges you face. And hey, we’ve worked with enough associations that we could probably tell you a couple of things you didn’t even know were supposed to be keeping you up at night.

Your problems are real, but here’s the good news — they’re solveable problems.

When it comes to meetings, events and conferences, we’ve got everything you need:

  • Board meetings
  • Membership Continuing Education
  • Membership Training and Certification
  • AGMs
  • Announcements and press conferences
  • Donor appeals and member events
  • Volunteer training

Use them to get everything else you need. Make people happy to give you money. Grab their attention, hold them tight, and engage.

Special Pricing for Associations

And hey. If you’re worried about emptying the coffers, take a deep breath — we’ve got special pricing and packages for associations just like yours.

Tired of scrambling to connect with your audience? Lighthouse has you covered, but only if you connect with us first.

You’re one step away from learning how to connect.

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