Types Of Conference Calls That Need Operator Assisted Conference

In previous blog posts we’ve covered who might want to leverage operator assisted conferencing, why you might need to lean on operator assisted conferencing, and now we’ll take a look at the types of calls that typically use the operator assisted conferencing platform.  We know WHY we need it, we know HOW to choose the partner to execute it, and we even know WHO the prototypical operator assisted user is.  From purpose and size to features and options, we’ll examine what kinds of calls we typically run on our op assist platform.

There’s no blueprint, no check boxes, or anything set in stone, with regards to characteristics, that every operator assisted conference call has to have.  In fact, that’s usually a calling card of an Operator Assisted Conference Call – each one is often quite unique.  The benefit of these call events is that they are extremely customizable with dozens of a la carte options.  They are usually very specific to the company hosting them and can look very different when everything is said and done.  If you want it, we can usually build it with our Operator Assisted Conference Calling platform. Here are the types of calls we see most often using our operator assisted format.

Investor Relations (IR) Calls

An Investor Relations call is the perfect fit for the operator assisted conferencing platform because it is a high stakes presentation.  The call typically showcases a company’s financial big shots, the investor’s who have placed their trust in them, and information that can significantly alter a company’s valuation or stock price.  What can be more pressure-packed than that?  It can be as few as 40 attendees and as large as thousands.  More often than not these are webcasts as well….sharing PowerPoint slides that show earnings results, HD webcams displaying the speakers, video clips, and more.  With all of those moving parts it is best left to the conferencing professionals to handle all of that heavy lifting and allow the presenters the luxury of focusing on their presentation….not whether or not the PowerPoint deck is going to load properly.  In addition, whether it’s an accurate metric or not a company’s perception is directly linked to the quality of their operator assisted conferencing platform. If participants feel that the quality of the call is poor they may just read that as a sign that the company they are considering investing in might be shaky as well.

Product Launches

Product Launch

Product Launch

Any Public Relations firm worth their salt knows that they have one shot, one opportunity to introduce their client’s dream.  This is the product launch they’ve been planning for months.  It has to be perfect!  They’ve spent months doing all the legwork necessary to get every media outlet they can to attend this event.  The excitement level is through the roof and everyone’s chomping at the bit for this announcement.  Are they going to gamble and use a reservationless audio platform to do so?  For sure not.  From the intro video presentation to the perfectly executed Q&A session at the end, this event needs to go off without a hitch.  That’s why it’s op assist 10 out of 10 times.  Or how about the Radio Tour that this Public Relations firm has spent weeks coordinating for their big reality TV star?  They are planning a 6 hour conference call with interviews for 24 different radio stations across the United States.  That’s 4 separate interviews per hour and the lead operator has to stay on schedule and make sure the next radio station is in the queue after the current interview ends.  A massive Radio Tour like this is a major undertaking and Public Relations firms routinely place their trust in Lighthouse Conferencing to execute a flawless tour for their most important clients.

International Calls

International Calls

International Calls

An engineering group from India, a design team from Mexico and a manufacturing supplier from Italy are in a conference room….is this the start of your next happy hour joke?  Nope, this an international call with with attendees from all over the globe and guess what…no one speaks a common language.  Enter the unsung heros of operator assisted conferencing….the translators.  This op assist call has a customized set up where there are multiple rooms…one for each of the various international contingencies.  The speaker delivers the presentation in English and the translators communicate the message to their respective attendees….simultaneously!  A structured Q&A follows with more help from the translators and in the end you just pulled off a dynamic conferencing feat.  You may be carried off on the shoulders of your team for making that happen.  (Well, maybe not but you’re bound to get a high-five!).

Religious Prayer Calls

Religious Prayer

Religious Prayer

Have you ever been on a call with 10,000 people for a 10 minute prayer?  I have….and it was unbelievably amazing how it was done.  Not only did 10,000 attendees from around the globe get into the conference room with lightening speed, but the host was able to receive a participant list and had the name and info of each person right after the call.  Not only that, but the call was in lecture mode (all lines muted except the speaker) and there wasn’t a peep of interference from participants.  The pastor delivered a beautiful sermon to a gigantic audience, but all you could hear was him.  Impressive, to say the least.

Town Hall or All-Hands Calls

Whether you’re a small company of 5 or a large corporation of thousands, All-Hands meetings produce many benefits for any organization that holds them. Even the simple act of booking an All-Hands meeting sends an important

message to employees…it let’s them know that it is important enough for everyone be there. All-Hands call events offer a great opportunity for a company to accomplish a number of things, including:

Town Hall

Town Hall

  • Deliver consistent and critical messaging to your entire team at the same time.
  • Celebrate wins and accomplishments.
  • Make Leadership visible to the organization.
  • Rally the team by getting the boat rowing in the right direction.
  • To dispel any incorrect information.
  • To inspire your employees!

Whether it’s a Town Hall or All-Hands conference call you know one thing for sure….everyone is going to be there and they’re usually pretty big!  Getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of company employees on a conference call at the same time is a task not to be taken lightly.  Most reservationless platforms cannot handle that high number of ports so operator assisted formats are needed.  However, even then it must be executed like a well oiled machine so people aren’t waiting 5, 10, 15 minutes to get into the conference room.  And if it’s a Town Hall meeting you know there’s going to be a hefty Q&A session at the end so a seasoned lead operator will need to facilitate it well.

Association Events

Associations pride themselves in their ability to deliver value to their members and chapters.  They know it is their responsibility to provide quality classes, programs, events, and more.  At the end of the day, it is every Association’s goal to not only retain their membership, but add new members.  One important way they do this is by utilizing Lighthouse Conferencing’s operator assisted platform for their events because they know that a poor event experience would reflect poorly on their association and could jeopardize membership.

These events can be quite large with a high number of participants so we often see the invitation and registration components utilized quite a bit here.  The ability to invite members, track their registration, send reminder emails and then thank you emails after the event are the most popular features we see for these events.  Not to mention the post call attendance reporting as well….associations always like to know who was on that call!  The op assist platform is the ideal way to run these events because all of those engagement bells and whistles are rolled in with a flawless meeting execution.

While this list is not all encompassing of every operator assisted call we see, it does give a pretty nice snapshot of the more popular conference events we set up and run each day.  As I pointed earlier, there’s no right or wrong way to determine if your next call should be an op assist event, however, there is always the need for your call to go smoothly and a little help from your friends here at Lighthouse Conferencing can get that done for you.  To learn more click here.  Until then….

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Jackson Gonda is the Client Success Manager at Lighthouse Conferencing and specializes in doing whatever needs to be done to make sure Lighthouse clients are happy and have a giant smile on their face. When Jackson is not spreading Lighthouse cheer and love for all the world you will probably find him on the soccer field either playing or coaching his son's travel team, mountain bike riding with his best girl and two kids or at the beach getting a sunburn.

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Jackson Gonda is the Client Success Manager at Lighthouse Conferencing and specializes in doing whatever needs to be done to make sure Lighthouse clients are happy and have a giant smile on their face. When Jackson is not spreading Lighthouse cheer and love for all the world you will probably find him on the soccer field either playing or coaching his son's travel team, mountain bike riding with his best girl and two kids or at the beach getting a sunburn.

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