Bring 500 People From Around The World To New York City For $30/person With A Webcast Event!

What if I told you I could create your company’s next big event as a live video stream , from anywhere, that would be broadcast to anyone in the world?  You’d probably say, “that sounds amazing, but entirely too expensive for us”.  Well, what if I then told you that…

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Tech Specs You Should Know For Your Webcast (Part 2)

We’re continuing our short blog series that focuses on the technical specifications you need to be aware of when planning a big webcast event.  In Part 1 we examined much of the collateral that is shared with attendees during a webcast presentation, like slide decks, media files and resource files.…

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Tech Specs You Should Know For Your Webcast (Part 1)

Congratulations!  You’ve decided that hosting a webcast for your company’s next big event is the best way to go.  That is awesome news because webcasts with the Lighthouse Event Team are the cream of the crop and it’s going to be amazing.  (If you’re still undecided on whether you should…

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Webcasting – 3 Things You Need To Know Before Planning Your Organization’s Next Event

If you’re going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and you’ve had your heart set on a steak all week….you’re ordering the filet mignon.  No question.  When you’re cruising the Italian import dealerships for that supercar you’ve been wanting (in your dreams)’re going with the Lamborghini.  Done and done.…

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Webcasting Vs. Web Conferencing – What’s Best For You?

Recently, I’ve found myself having this conversation more often than ever before with clients, or prospective clients, that want to jump into the deep waters of web conferencing and webcasting.  They’ve heard of both options….they’ve attended countless webinars….and some are even familiar with top platforms, like Adobe Connect.  But the…

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“Webcasting, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing….What’s The Difference!?!”

Have you ever heard a colleague say, “Hey, let’s jump on a webcast so I can show you this email blast I’m working on”?  Or what about,  “Let’s set up a video conference with all 10,000 employees for a Town Hall announcement”?  Never in the history of communications have three…

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