What Happens When Operator Assisted Calls Fail?

The dreaded “failed” operator assisted call.  I can tell you about 99% of the time these calls go off without a hitch.  I can also tell you that nearly every failed call is result of users not being fully prepared and working to eliminate variables that could potentially cause problems.…

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“Why Is It Important For Your Conferencing Provider To Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?”

In the magical world of conferencing, people from opposite ends of the globe are somehow able to speak, and even see each other, by pressing a few numbers on a phone or clicking a computer mouse.  However, sometimes the conferencing trolls rear their ugly heads and cause conference calls to…

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“What Types Of Calls Need A Reservationless Audio Conference Calling Platform?”

The question should almost be, “what types of calls DON’T need a reservationless audio conference calling platform?”.  That’s how commonplace it is in today’s business climate for people to jump on an impromptu conference call using their reservationless audio account.  While not every call you make, or every call you…

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“Who Needs Reservationless Audio Conference Calling?”

By now, you understand what reservationless audio conference calling is and why it’s critical in today’s business world.  After our last blog post you even know what to look for in a reservationless audio conference calling provider.  But now, you’re asking yourself the same question millions of business pro’s like…

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You’ve figured out why you need reservationless audio conference calling and now it’s time to choose a provider.  So what do you do….a quick Google search?  Sure...that will turn up approximately 7 zillion options that all claim to be the best reservationless provider in the industry.  The truth is while…

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Webster’s Dictionary defines “reservationless” as…..wait…..there is no definition for reservationless.  In fact, it’s not even a legit word! While it may not have broken through to the pages of the dictionary yet, reservationless audio conference calling is a huge part of our day-to-day work life.  Whether it’s an impromptu meeting…

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“What Should I Look For In An Operator Assisted Conference Call Provider?”

In our last blog post we talked about the reasons WHY you need an operator assisted conference call.  So now, you’ve had that lightbulb moment because a number of those nightmare conferencing stories sounded all too familiar….and you’re ready to take charge of your conferencing life!

But wait….you just Googled “operator assisted conference call” and a smorgasbord (yes, smorgasbord!) of providers came up all claiming to be the “#1 Op Assist Provider”.  How can that be?

Is running a successful operator assisted conference call so easy that every player out there is killing it and getting A+ ratings nonstop?  No….quite the opposite in fact.

Choosing which company to trust with these important meetings is less about finding which “provider” paid the most SEO dollars to get their listing at the top of Google’s search engines, and more about finding the “partner” that listens to your needs, understands your goals, and executes a dynamic operator assisted conference call.  There are a number of very important factors that go into choosing the right fit for your “can’t miss” conference calls.  In this post we will discuss those key characteristics that your partner must be able to provide so you can be armed to make the best decision for your organization.

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“Who Needs An Operator Assisted Conference Call?”

In the first two blog posts of this series, we figured out WHY a company needs an operator assisted conference call, and also how to go about finding the right partner to successfully execute the call event.  Now the question is WHO needs an operator assisted conference call? Surely it…

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“What Types Of Conference Calls Need An Operator Assisted Conference Call Platform?”

In previous blog posts we’ve covered who might want to leverage operator assisted conferencing, why you might need to lean on operator assisted conferencing, and now we’ll take a look at the types of calls that typically use the operator assisted conferencing platform.  We know WHY we need it, we…

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“Why Do I Need An Operator Assisted Conference Call?”

We’ve all seen it, or should I say heard it, a thousand times on our weekly conference call.  Dogs barking and babies crying in the background.  Ben in IT thinks his line is muted but we can hear him telling Carl about his plans for that ‘67 mustang in the garage.  The host, Cindy, just can’t figure out how to start recording the call.  And Ed?  Where is Ed?  Don’t tell me he can’t find the dial-in info again….it’s the same every week!  If only someone could dial out to him!

It’s headaches like these, and many more, that turn what should be a smooth and routine conference call into the very thing everyone dreads having to attend each week.  And this is why you need an operator assisted conference call…so you can take back your meeting and your audience!

In this post we’ll talk about common struggles organizations like yours experience with their day-to-day conference calls.  We’ll get into how an operator assisted format not only addresses and fixes those challenges, but how it can also save you time (which we all know equals $$$) and heartache by doing the heavy lifting for you resulting in a better meeting experience.

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