Meetings…Keeping Them On Track!

The Lighthouse Conferencing team has meetings.  We have weekly and monthly team meetings to review anything and everything related to the business.  I know we talk a lot about those large virtual events, but we need to stay on track with our business just like everyone else and getting together…

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3 Meetings That Typically Suck…and How To Make Them Better!

Some meetings suck.  But they don’t have to!  Better meetings are possible.  Here at Lighthouse Conferencing we have heard it all (and apparently so has everyone else).  We just don’t think that this has to be the case.  Lately you have heard a lot from us around “collaboration” and “engagement”…

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Top 10 Tips For Hosting Your Next Webcast Event

We’ve been talking a lot about webcasting lately.  I’ve shared some cool stories about how our clients have utilized as webcast event to bring a global audience together, or how they have launched a new product with the help of webcasting and virtual engagement conferencing.  So, I thought it would be fun to…

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Tips For A Successful Earnings Call

In a recent IR Magazine article, "Tips for a successful earnings call", Adam Piore investigates different approaches to the all-important earnings call and gets tips for stage-managing the event from our Chief Meeting Officer, Marc Gutman.  Read the entire article below! Few events offer as great an opportunity for a catastrophic gaffe…

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Say Goodbye To Bad Meetings

In a recent business advice post by The Network Journal, "Say Goodbye to Bad Meetings" by Ann Brown, our very own Chief Meeting Officer, Marc Gutman, shared some wise words about how to improve your professional meetings. Please enjoy reading the post below! Meetings! Most people hate them and find them unproductive. That’s how…

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“Why Is It Important For Your Conferencing Provider To Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?”

In the magical world of conferencing, people from opposite ends of the globe are somehow able to speak, and even see each other, by pressing a few numbers on a phone or clicking a computer mouse.  However, sometimes the conferencing trolls rear their ugly heads and cause conference calls to…

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“What Should I Look For In An Operator Assisted Conference Call Provider?”

In our last blog post we talked about the reasons WHY you need an operator assisted conference call.  So now, you’ve had that lightbulb moment because a number of those nightmare conferencing stories sounded all too familiar….and you’re ready to take charge of your conferencing life!

But wait….you just Googled “operator assisted conference call” and a smorgasbord (yes, smorgasbord!) of providers came up all claiming to be the “#1 Op Assist Provider”.  How can that be?

Is running a successful operator assisted conference call so easy that every player out there is killing it and getting A+ ratings nonstop?  No….quite the opposite in fact.

Choosing which company to trust with these important meetings is less about finding which “provider” paid the most SEO dollars to get their listing at the top of Google’s search engines, and more about finding the “partner” that listens to your needs, understands your goals, and executes a dynamic operator assisted conference call.  There are a number of very important factors that go into choosing the right fit for your “can’t miss” conference calls.  In this post we will discuss those key characteristics that your partner must be able to provide so you can be armed to make the best decision for your organization.

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“Who Needs An Operator Assisted Conference Call?”

In the first two blog posts of this series, we figured out WHY a company needs an operator assisted conference call, and also how to go about finding the right partner to successfully execute the call event.  Now the question is WHO needs an operator assisted conference call? Surely it…

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