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Training & Human Resources

Control costs. Reach dispersed groups. Conduct interviews. Roll out benefit programs. Engage audiences. Increase retention with Lighthouse Conferencing.

Slashed travel budgets and dispersed work teams have become the norm. With rising travel costs, getting employees and customers together for multi-day training or flying in candidates for job interviews is rarely an option. Instead, companies find it more cost effective to use remote meeting tools such as web conferencing from Lighthouse Conferencing.

Use conferencing to:

  • Conduct online employee training. Include interactive features such as polling and Q&A to solicit feedback and gauge effectiveness
  • Train sales channels and customers on new products and applications
  • Share applications such as videos and software training from your desktop to a few customers or hundreds of employees
  • Host archived training modules that employees can work through at their own pace
  • Conduct surveys and track employees retention and training effectiveness
  • Supplement live training sessions with remote online training updates
  • Offer continuing education
  • Rollout new product training, benefits programs, and more
  • Conduct interviews
  • Provide customer training sessions
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