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Web Conferencing. Illuminated.

Put your meetings in the spotlight.

Lighthouse Conferencing offers easy-to-use web conferencing solutions that make your meetings more interactive and productive. Whether you are collaborating with 1-2 people or need to communicate to thousands, or somewhere in between—you’ll discover the combination of the phone and web is a much more powerful way to show and tell.

Share presentations, documents, application and websites while discussing key points over integrated audio conferencing to make working together remotely extremely effective.

We’ll help you figure out what services and features work best for your organization and meetings, allowing you to focus on the project, communication and results.

Consider Web Conferencing for:

  • Ad campaign rollouts
  • Product launches
  • Project meetings
  • Legal evidence sharing
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Board meetings
  • Training sessions

Popular Brands

We help you evaluate and select the right tools for your business. Choose from leading brands in the industry including:

Feature Highlights

  • Personal meeting rooms
  • Online host controls
  • Share live video via webcam
  • Desktop and document sharing
  • Automated dial-out capability
  • No advance scheduling required
  • Easy sharing of visuals and collaboration
  • Ability to demonstrate software applications
  • Whiteboard feature for brainstorms
  • Web tours for reviewing websites and online information
  • Live help via chat

If you plan to host large web conferencing events, learn more about our event conferencing services.

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