Online Webinar Hosting As A Lead Generation Strategy

Every day I’m inundated with emails inviting me to online webinars. What was once fringe technology and even a fring-ier (yes, I completely made that word up) b2b lead generation strategy, has now become commonplace.  Online webinar hosting is a ubiquitous arrow in the marketer’s quiver, and I bet most marketing professionals can’t remember how they became involved, or which colleague sourced their online webinar software many moons ago. Combined with the notion that many have never really been taught, nor certified for lack of a better word, on how to host a webinar effectively, and it’s no surprise that most efforts are misguided in the use of this business lead generation tool. Questions abound: How do you drive more participants to your webinar?, how do you to present in a webinar? (vs. live speaking because it is quite different), how does one choose between online webinar software services? (besides what’s the cheapest – which is one type of vendor selection strategy), and how can one solution possibly even pay for itself 100x over if only used correctly?

But to focus on the webinar concept as a one-shot solution would be missing the point; it’s merely a tool. Most importantly, webinars, and all online video conferencing services, involve people. It takes your people to create content, and b2b sales lead people to attend your webinar. Because, let’s be honest, no one is hosting webinars because of the fun factor. There is a definitive objective and purpose, or at least there should be one when you decide to host a webinar. It takes many hours of planning, prep, lead sourcing, meta-tagging, optimizing, tweeting, blogging, press-releasing, and promoting for one quick little 30-60 minute webinar. Then the business to business lead generation follow-up begins; sending out archives, following click throughs, rating leads, then getting the sales department to follow through on HOT  leads! Don’t get me started!

So, how do we know if our webinars are performing up to par?, and are the people who host a webinar doing the best they can? I’ll tell you flat out, most people don’t know! Most marketers, through no fault of their own, have not been taught what makes a great webinar (and “great” meaning one that delivers a desired ROI), and many don’t know the secrets behind optimizing each component of a webinar for maximum success.

Webinars are an indispensable tool in today’s marketing arsenal, but the ability to properly plan, promote, conduct, and follow-up may be THE number one tool for today’s marketer.

If you want to learn more about webinars; the do’s, dont’s, and best practices, we’re hosting a webinar on this very topic and you’re invited. Join us on Tuesday, January 29th at 12pm MST for webinar: Three Secrets To a Successful Lead Generation Webinar

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