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Why Use Polling in Webinars and Web Conferencing?

If you’ve spent any time prospecting or talking to customers have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder what they really want to talk about?” or “I wonder what’s on their mind”?  Certainly if you knew the answers to these questions your time would be much better spent since you’d be addressing problems/issues/concerns that are […] read more »

Why Telecommuting Works for Everyone

Why Telecommuting Works for Everyone Due to the amount of interest from our last blog titled, “Don’t Be A Tele-Muter” – a post on how to avoid being the non-responsive telecommuting employee, a lot of people contacted us defending their work from home efficiency and productivity. So here’s a list of benefits on why telecommuting […] read more »

Don’t Be A Tele-Muter!

Don’t Be A Tele-Muter! As you might imagine, a great number of our clients employ remote employees and leverage our online meeting tools and audio conferencing solutions to stay connected.  The idea is to take advantage of technology so you can be connected from anywhere, anytime.  However, lately we’ve been hearing a new word from […] read more »


We believe businesses deserve productive work days, less travel, faster decision making, impactful communications and brighter meetings. Let our knowledgeable, responsive team show you how our services can help to bring partners, teams and customers closer, close deals faster, compete on a level playing field, get the word out quickly--and save your organization money.


A key benefit of conferencing is that it keeps your company green and our world cleaner. Learn how to go green with Lighthouse Conferencing and about our commitment to give 1% back to the environment.


Meetings are our passion. We work closely with you to convert your communication and collaboration goals and concepts into real business opportunities through our proven process of analysis, planning and execution—over and over again.

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