Turn your thing into A Thing.

Webinars. Virtual tradeshows. Web and audio conferencing. If you’re looking for help, there are a thousand alternatives out there — and just as many more companies who’ll try to sell you all the pieces and parts they think you need. And sure. They’ll work… If what you want is the same boring thing as everybody else.

But to succeed today — to turn your thing into A Thing — you need a different kind of partner.

Someone with their finger on the most current technology. Someone who can make it all play together nicely, whether you need just a conference call or the biggest virtual trade show anyone’s ever seen. Someone who knows how to find you an audience, and then put butts in seats. Someone who takes care of the little stuff so you can focus on making your thing the best thing that’s ever been… thinged.

You need Lighthouse Conferencing.

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Webinars backed by full-service event marketing

It doesn’t take much to slap some slides into PowerPoint, share your screen, and call it a webinar.

But the thing is, that’s not a webinar. At least, not one worth doing.

Lighthouse Conferencing’s proprietary webinar marketing process numbers more than 100 steps, each one designed to attract viewers and keep them engaged until the second you turn off the lights. Our webinars drive sales — and results.

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Conferencing from an Adobe Connect Strategic Partner

For conference attendees, the best thing about most audio and web conferences is the mute button: they like to push it so no one can hear them screaming in bored agony.

Not anymore. With Lighthouse Conferencing — a proud Adobe Connect Strategic Partner — you’ll turn your conferences from drab to dynamite.

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Affordable tradeshows with global reach

No travel. No booths. No swag bags. No crappy food. No Ted from Corporate. No booth girls. No Ted from Corporate being awkward with booth girls. Just attendee engagement, actionable data — and a fraction of the cost. Honestly… Why wouldn’t your partners and prospects love a virtual tradeshow?

Deliver the best that a tradeshow has to offer. Then extend the experience 24/7, 365 days a year — and get greater insight to your visitors than you ever thought possible.

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Lighthouse  gets it done

  • Lighthouse is the Nordstrom’s of virtual events!

    Bev M.
  • We had 100% attendance for our influencer webcast. I didn’t even have 100% attendance at my birthday party! Lighthouse rocks.

    Allison J.
  • Thanks to everyone. You’re all amazing!

    Cindy W.
  • Thanks so much. Just made another Happy customer.

    Bernie P.
  • It went flawlessly from our perspective! Not one problem. Thanks for another great experience.

    Jennifer C.
  • Thanks again.  Lighthouse is one of the very few companies I deal with that I know I can count on.  I appreciate your professionalism.

    Steve C.
  • Lighthouse is a great resource for me as they have all the insight into the different platforms and which platform would work best for us to grow our webinar program. Lighthouse’s customer service goes above and beyond the call of duty – and I can call and ask all my questions directly. This year I’m going to run 100+ webinars with Lighthouse and Adobe Connect.

    Becky S.
  • That was fantastic!  Thank you for communicating exactly what to expect with this new format.  It’s huge, and something I’m sure our HR department will be using for other communications in the future.

    Deanna C.
  • Thanks Lighthouse. You really take great care of us.

    Jennifer H.

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